HTTP vs. HTTPS, Do You Really Need HTTPS?

A closer look at why HTTPS is the ideal way to serve your website – HTTP vs. HTTPS

HTTP is the now 20-year-old protocol on which the world wide web was built. HTTP stands for “hypertext transfer protocol” and offers a method of data communication for the Internet.

The problem … Read More

Healthcare IT Security Threats & Ways to Defend Them

Healthcare is Attacker’s favorite target – Let’s learn about ways to defend the Threats

Data Breaches are disruptive, expensive and even dangerous. Nowhere is this truer than in the healthcare industry, where people’s personal information – including extremely sensitive information about their health – is being entrusted to medical organizations … Read More can now support HTTPS: Know how to enable it

Blogger Logo

Google’s own, a free blogging & content management platform, has been active since 1999. In accordance to Google’s HTTPS Everywhere mission, the Google team has started encrypting all offered services one by one, (i.e., Google Drive, Gmail, Search Engine, Maps, Docs, Calendar, Forum, Wallet, Google+, etc.). All Google Services … Read More

Symantec™ is now ‘.bank’ & ‘.insurance’ domain verification agent

World’s leading web security solution provider Symantec™ is now selected as “.bank” and “.insurance” domain verification agent.

fTLD registry service, LLC and American Banker Association (ABA) have recently signed an agreement with Symantec™ to provide an extended layer of security and verification on generic top-level domains ‘.bank’ and ‘.insurance’. … Read More