HSTS in Chrome & Firefox: Clear HSTS Settings

Here’s how to disable HSTS settings in Chrome & Firefox

HSTS, a web security mechanism, is an acronym for ‘HTTP Strict Transport Security.’ This mechanism, if implemented, forces browsers to establish connections via HTTPS, taking insecure HTTP out of the equation. This mechanism was developed to counter the … Read More

What is HSTS? A Brief Overview of HSTS Technology

Understand how HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) works and how it protects you on the internet

HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) is a web security technique that helps you protect against the likes of downgrade attacks, MITM (Man in the middle) attacks, and session hijacking. HSTS accomplishes this by forcing … Read More

Explained: Hashing vs. Encryption vs. Encoding

Understand the difference between Hashing, Encryption, and Encoding

If you think that Hashing, Encryption, and Encoding are the same thing, you are wrong! However, you’re not alone. There is an awful lot of confusion surrounding these three terms. As similar as they may sound, they are all totally different … Read More