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Code Signing Certificate

Billions of users are accessing software and applications via Smartphones and computers worldwide; especially Smartphones since mobile traffic continues to increase daily. Currently, Mobile Operating Systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows OS, etc… are vulnerable if proper security systems are not installed. The increase in mobile traffic has opened a huge door for hackers to exploit malware and malicious threats on user’s Smartphone. By maliciously hacking user’s systems, these malicious individuals can steal important information such as credit card details, social security, etc…which can be used to make a profit.

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificate is a digital signing technology that is used to secure the code/script of a software/application so the author can distribute the content of the software securely over the internet. A Code Signing Certificate creates a digital identity of software that indicates the software is legitimate and the author is trustworthy.

What if a Code Signing Certificate is not installed?

If a software/application is not signed or secured with a code signing certificate, it becomes easy for hackers to breach the code and user’s information. Modern browses will display error messages when the software/application is being downloaded and they consider it as un-trusted and vulnerable. Desktop and mobile-based operating systems also display error messages if the software/application code is not secured.

Why are Code Signing Certificates required?

1. Authentication:

Once the code/script of a software/application is signed by the author with code signing technology, it displays the digital information of the author including name, website and indicates the code is not changed or tampered with since it was signed. It also indicates to users that the author is legitimate, trust worthy and there is no harm to install and use the software/application.

Code Signing Certificate - Identification

2. Eliminates Popup Errors:

As we’ve discussed previously, if software code is not properly signed with code signing technology, browsers, and operating systems will display popup alerts and error messages.

However, if the software/application is signed with code signing technology, browsers, and operating systems will accept the trusted software and disable popup alerts and/or error messages.

3. File or Document Security:

When a user sends important files or documents to other users, the security aspect of code signing technology plays an important role since MITM (Men in the Middle) Attacks are also a possibility. If attackers locate unsigned or unsecured files/documents, they can easily view the content.

If the file/document is digitally signed by a code signing certificate, hacker’s cannot maliciously steal the information stored within, thus your content and credibility remain safe.

4. Increase User’s Trust & Builds Brand Reputation:

Since Code signing Certificates indicated the software/application is legitimate and trustworthy to use; users will be more inclined to download, install, and use your code/script. Code Signing Certificates also increase user’s trust and confidence within the issuing author which will always help build brand reputation & recognition.

Platforms that Support Code Signing Certificates
Code Signing Certificates are supported on Mobile operating systems, Desktop based operating Systems and also allows users to secure Files and Documents.

Desktop Based Platforms/Operating Systems:

  • Java applets
  • Microsoft Authenticode for 32 & 64 bit user mode with file extension as (.exe, .dll, .cab, .xpi, .msi, .ocx, etc…).
  • Mac OS (OS X)
  • Linux

Mobile Based Platforms/Operating Systems:

  • Java
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Xbox 360
  • Blackberry
  • Windows OS for mobile
  • BREW

Files/Document Support

  • Adobe Air
  • Windows Files and macros

Where to buy Code Signing Certificates?

Big Certificate Authorities like Symantec, Comodo, and Thawte all offering Code Signing Certificates.

Certificate Type Certificate Properties
Code Signing Certificates by Different CA

  • Used by software developers to digitally sign a program/code/software to authenticate the source& content.
  • Referred to as Digital Shrink-wrap which proves the code has not been compromised or tampered with by anyone.
  • Most convenient option for code developers, even authors without any formal business entity, to securely distribute their product over the Internet.
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